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Questions & answers about Personal Assistance

What is assistance compensation?
The purpose of assistance compensation is to cover the costs of personal assistance for people
with major and lasting functional impairments. Personal assistance is a personally designed
support in daily life.

Who can receive assistance compensation?
The following conditions must be met!
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Who pays the assistance allowance?
This is done by Försäkringskassan or your home municipality
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What is the assistance allowance used for?
Salaries, pension insurance, assistance with overheads, training, personnel care, etc

How do you get assistance compensation?
By applying to Försäkringskassan or via your home municipality.
We will help you apply free of charge.

How much does it cost to apply for assistance compensation?
Nothing, just time and our commitment. We at Vi Assistans can help you with this.

Do you provide legal assistance?
Yes, we use legal expertise when necessary.


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